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Muktinath – A Most Popular Place of Pilgrimage Near to the Himalayas

25/08/2018 09:14AM

Muktinath the meaning goes as Mukti means Freedom and Nath means Lord. One of the most significant religious and tourism place Muktinath is situated at Mustang District, Nepal. Muktinath is a highly venerated sacred place for both Hindus and Buddhists. They believe that the Muktinath is a place of salvation. Thousands of visitors visit Muktinath for seeking of salvation.
Hinduism says that this world is just an illusion. You born and after your death you reincarnate. Your character in the afterlife will be defined by your right doing in this life. So to get a better version of yourself in the afterlife and to have a prosperous and healthy lifestyle in this life people visit temples and religious places. So people believe all of your sorrows will go if you visit Muktinath once. To get the salvation and get rid of sorrows people visit Muktinath Temple.
Muktinath is 206km around far from the capital city of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu. It is located at an altitude of 3710 meters above sea level. The temple is small in size and has a humanly sized statue of Lord Vishnu as Mukti Narayana. They consider the Muktinath to be one of the 108 holy places where a person should worship Lord Vishnu. Alongside him, there are statues of many other Gods and Goddess. Inside the temple is a Buddhist priest to take care of it.
People often after visiting Muktinath Temple go to visit Mebar Lha Gomba, the small monastery of “Miraculous fire.” This monastery is known for its continuously burning natural gas fire. Hindus call it Goddess of fire and worship as Jwala Mai. Muktinath is mesmerizing and with its charm, it has been able to draw thousands of tourists to Mustang.


The way of traveling is either by air, only a limited number of flights are operated with small aircraft, as it is one of the remote airports of Nepal. The regular bus, Jeep service are also available to travel by road.


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