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The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country situated in Southeast Asia. A country with a motto of “Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven” is a peaceful independent country which has never been colonized by any other countries.
A country with majestic natural beauty, Nepal is considered as the most beautiful country in the world. East to West or whether its North to South, Nepal will never stop to amaze you with its mesmerizing diversity. There are thousands of places in Nepal that are on the bucket list of millions of people all around the globe. Some of the best tourist spots of a heavenly blessed country are followed as below.

A city of temples. If you have never been to Kathmandu and visited the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I am afraid you shouldn’t call yourself a globe traveler. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

Pokhara is one of the most visited places by tourists in Nepal. With its natural beauty and diverse geography, Pokhara has been able to maintain its aura since the beginning. A city of lakes and waterfalls. Fewa lake and Davis fall are famous all over the world. The vantage point for a lot of other natural resources and tourism destinations. Connected with a lot of other districts. Pokhara is simply amazing.

The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is the holiest place for Buddhists and Hindus all around the world.

Chitwan is a place of National parks, Conservation areas, and fertile land. People can visit these parks, lakes, do jungle safari, visit waterfalls and Devghat Dham and they won’t get tired because Chitwan is simply a piece of heaven.

Because of its preserved, old-time cultural atmosphere, Bandipur has increasingly been coming to the attention of tourists. With its attractive 18th-century architecture, pedestrian zone and outdoor dining, it has a distinctly European feel.

The birthplace of goddess Sita Janakpur is widely famous for Janaki Mandir and Industries.

A place where Muktinath Temple is situated, Mustang is one of the have to visit tourist destination in Nepal. Cultural diversity is significantly high in Mustang district. People from China also frequently visit mustang for trade and tourism.

A place of mountains, rivers, streams and waterfalls, Parbat lies in the central part of Nepal. There is nothing that you can’t get in this district. Widely famous for Trekking, Bunji Jumping, and Paragliding.

A place of natural tea plants, Illam is one of the places mostly visited by Tea and Coffee lovers.
Nepal is a country of artistic excellence. Hundreds of race, thousands of castes and millions of people, yet unity in diversity is what Nepal is known for. Maybe nobody was able to colonize Nepal because people of Nepal are always ready to help each other. People in Nepal know that there is unity in strength. People of Nepal respect their motherland as they respect their mother. A peaceful country, friendly people and enchanting natural resources, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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