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We offer cheapest flight booking for international, and domestic flights within Nepal with the e-Ticketing system provided by the airline companies. Being an authorized agent for many major airline companies, we help customers to book flights with a personal touch.

Domestic Flights

We have received bestseller awards many times since we started the e-ticketing system with major domestic airlines companies like Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Simrik Air, Nepal Airlines, Tara Air, Prabhu Helicopter and more other.

The e-ticketing system is only available to trusted and renowned travel agent like us, as it requires a lot of prepaid payment to be eligible to become the trusted partner with the companies to issue the tickets.

We facilitate our regular customers to book e-tickets by the phone call and pay later after arriving back to the city.

Buddha Air

Buddha Air%2C Flight with in Nepal

A giant airline company of Nepal in the private sector, which operates domestic flights to major cities of Nepal, even it operates international flights in few cities in India. This company is becoming the first choice of Nepalese as well as foreigners whenever they want to fly between cities in Nepal.

Yeti Airlines

Yeti airline also cannot be compared to the above airline company, as it is regularly operating several safe flights every day in different cities in Nepal. They have a joint company Tara Air, which is flying to help the remote villages of Nepal.

Prabhu Helicopter

A company which is run by the Prabhu group, which is mainly flying helicopters to different airports, villages, to carry local peoples, chartered flights, site seeing for foreigners, sometimes used for help in disasters and more.

We have partnered with all the available aviation companies in Nepal, which are running their regular flights inside the country.

We promise you to help with booking the cheapest flight with your favorite airline company.


Ultra Flights

If you ever plan to visit Pokhara or you're roaming around Pokhara, there is nothing other adventures thing to do other than flying with Ultra Flight, which allows you to enjoy the peaceful Pokhara from the height. We recommend you to never turn back without experiencing the ultra flight to enjoy the view of Fewa Lake, Machhapurchre the Himalaya surrounding the beautiful Pokhara, world peace pagoda on top of the Lake.

Ultra Flight in Pokhara%2C view of beautiful Pokhara from the sky.

We will help you to book the flight schedule based on the weather & the time interval of your choice with the best pricing.


International Flights

Thousands of people from different countries travel to Nepal to view the green landscapes, lakes, mountains and many more.

They never want to miss the taste of local foods, feel the nature, enjoy the view of the Himalayas from different communities of Nepal.

We are an authorized agent for major international aviation companies who are operating flights in Nepal. We book tickets with the industry standard protocol for booking international flights. We strive to provide the best deals with guaranteed best services by the companies.


We use a lot of those popular modern online  platforms to book air tickets to our customers for domestic flights, as well as peoples going on a tour planned by us. We promise to provide the best of the best rates to our clients by directly dealing as an authorized agent with them to care our customers referred by us.

As we have mentioned in other articles as well, we provide book, stay, return and pay later facility to a large number of our regular customers.


To get in touch about the booking either make a phone call or submit a query via contact us page & we will get back to you immediately.